Decorating a Small Bedroom

Planning a bedroom caPlatfrom-Bed-from-LAX-Series-with-Storage-Spacen be quite a task and is very different from decorating the rest of your house. The bedroom is your private space and you want the ambiance to be relaxing and intimate all at once. It is also the one room where your true taste and style can be incorporated and is a reflection of who you are. Let’s see how you can make this space look gorgeous, feel comfortable, spacious and modern all at once.

Go Clutter Free- This is an absolute must. If you have a small bedroom, minimalistic furniture is the way to go. This does not mean that you have to have to opt for sparse furniture and give up on the comfort quotient. Do away with all the unnecessary décor and overwhelming dressers and opt for a contemporary style. Maintain symmetry, Use fewer colors and try to stick to varying shades of the same color. This will prevent visual fragmentation which tends to diminish the look of the bedroom.

Smart Storage- Creating an uncluttered look is a lot about having trendy, stylish and functional storage units. A beautiful, moderate sized wardrobe with sliding doors and units affixed to the wall are the basics. When we talk about square footage in a bedroom, it is not always just about floor space. When you are picking storage units, opt for ones that rise all the way up to the ceiling and create clean and continuous lines. This will save on legroom and less-frequently used stuff can be stashed away in the higher shelves. Add free-standing shelves but don’t overdo this as too many shelves can make you feel claustrophobic.Small-Bedroom-Ideas-36-1-Kindesign

A Matter of Proportion and Scale- When it comes to furniture, avoid impulse buying and ensure that all the pieces are proportionate to each other. If you have a relatively small bed, have proportionately small side tables with concealed storage units. Adding a striped pattern to the wall behind the bed as an accent also lends an illusion of space, refinement and elegance.

The Focal Point- The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and this is one piece of furniture that you should buy judiciously. Opt for a platform bed if possible. The seemingly levitating form which is also positioned very low on the ground adds to the sense of space. Fold-able beds or ones that double up as sofas during the day work well in smaller bedrooms.

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Use a mix of recessed lighting, such as pendant lights and scones that will create uniform illumination. Do away with the table and floor lamps as they will eat into the existing floor space. Use as much glass as you can and create shelves and partitions with it. Clad the cabinet doors with mirrors or have a large one positioned elsewhere in the room. It will help in adding dimension to the room and will also spread natural light. Wall-hung bookcases with transparent glass shutters are another option. Revel in the cosiness of a well-decorated, compact bedroom and enliven it with your personal style and customized furniture.

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