How to make a wooden sofa set


After a hectic day at work, or running around doing your household chores and running errands, there is no greater luxury than sinking into the comfortable cushions of a sofa in your home.  But a lot of detailing goes into making it just right. We at Bic follow a very methodical and clear approach to crafting sofas. Take a look at how this L-Shaped sofa is crafted with care.

Step 1– The frame of the sofa is put together. If it is a customized piece, the measurements have to be right, down to the last millimeter. This is where the skills of our super-craftsmen come to the fore. Solid teak or sheesham is used in this structuring of the base and every detail is perfectly proportioned.

Step 2– The piece is then checked for stability and the required adjustments are made to ensure that there is no shake or jiggle in the structure.

Step 3- The next step is to cover the seat base with special elastic webbing. It is that material that gives your special sofa its “bounce”. These elastic straps are stretched across the horizontal section and tacked firmly into place. The vertical straps are then woven through these to create a grid-like base.

Step 4– The same process is repeated for the back of the sofa. These are then rechecked for tautness and bounce and the wooden batons are polished to a sheen. The supervisor then runs a thorough check on the piece.

Step 5 – High density foam and coir fiber is then layered to create the removable cushions. These are generally at least 6” in thickness which provides the right amount of firmness and comfort. The cushions are covered with attractive and durable upholstery and then rechecked for fitting and stitching finesse- and your functional, comfortable and attractive sofa is ready to use.

Sofa-making is an art that involves creating a structure that will suit the requirements of the user, look good and be stable and sturdy. This means that any sofa that an ordinary carpenter makes for you will be just that- Ordinary! For inspired designs and perfect craftsmanship, come to Bic and see how creativity and functionality are used to create furniture with passion.

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