What Types of Wooden Shoe Racks are Most Loved by Women?

Women and footwear have quite an inseparable bond. It’s not just a statement but a researched finding. As per a research in the year 2007, it was estimated that around 85% of the professional women own 19 pairs of shoes while the exclusive 15% women own around 30 pairs of shoes. Whether a shopaholic or […]

Pitting Indian Furniture Against Imported Furniture

Today, furniture-shoppers are in a quandary about which material they should settle for and whether they should opt for slickly-finished imported furniture or veer towards good old Indian furniture. The question is a logical one and the answer, elusive. Let’s take a look at what makes imported furniture different from its Indian counterparts and discuss […]

Buying Indian Furniture Online

Online shopping for Indian Furniture has been accepted all over the globe today. It has become an easy and convenient way of buying the product you need. Lots of vendors and companies have launched their websites and online portals for online shopping. One can find each and everything one needs on the Internet. You name […]

Solidwood Furniture – A Wise Investment Decision

Moved into a new home and looking for the perfect and ideal furniture? With the given varieties and choices available in the market it has become extremely difficult for you to select one type of furniture make. The decision makes you go around in circles and boggles your mind. However, in our expert’s opinion the […]

Advantages of Buying Teakwood Furniture

Buying furniture for your home or office is like making a long-term investment. Everyone would like to make the right and perfect choice while buying furniture for any space interiors. Furniture must be durable, stable, economical and complementing the other interior settings. With the immense types of furniture available in the market selecting the right […]

The Eternal Beauty of Indian Furniture

Indian furniture over the period of time has made its mark in the furniture industry. People all over the world invest in furniture units made from Indian hardwood. Indian furnitureprovides you durability versatility, elegance and style. It is used for various purposes in every part of your home and office. Whether it is to decorate […]

Different Wooden Furniture designs

Wooden Furniture has been in use for quite some time now but most of its users go for them because of the sturdiness and durability that they bring to the ‘table’. However, the things have changed somewhat in the last few years and particularly so since mass manufacturers and hand makers alike have started bringing […]

Types of wood used in Furniture

It is said that the life, quality and style of a Wooden Furniture can increase or decrease dramatically depending on the wood that is being used to manufacture it. Mostly, the users are unaware of the wooden options that they can choose from until they decide to get it handmade or make it themselves. However, […]