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As we manufacture most of our furniture in solid wood, it is a time consuming job to find the right kind of wood & since manufacturing also takes comparatively longer, the labour works out comparatively higher. We do understand that every customer may not want to go in for solid wood even though they may appreciate it. The second best option is to make the furniture in good quality plywood. Although premium quality plywood could work out more expensive that wood, due to the vast variety available, there is scope to reduce prices depending upon the kind of plywood selected. There are various grades starting from hardcore, alternate, M.R. grade & marine ply. Even the entry level hardcore ply can last for a good number of years. In order to give you an idea of the costing, we have mentioned the price points below. We ensure that we give you a long lasting & sturdy product even though it may be made in plywood.

Option 1 – Ply/laminate
This option will be cheapest comparatively, subject to the kind of laminate selected. It is also the least maintenance as it does not require any polishing. Good quality plywood with a decent quality laminate can be a good hassle free option for your furniture.

Option 2 – Ply/veneer
The second option is ply/veneer. Again, subject to the quality of veneer selected, it can work out as a cheaper option for larger items such as beds & wardrobes. As it requires polish, veneer is a more high maintenance option as compared to laminate.

Option 3 – Teak borders with laminate or plywood
In some cases we can make a piece in teak wood borders or framing & the centre portion can be with ply wood combined laminate or veneer. Based on your budget & requirement we can work out the most suitable option.

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