The most appropriate way to get Furniture delivered out of Mumbai.

We do not follow a flat delivery rate like most online companies. Depending upon the volume & value of the goods, we can send the goods in one of the following ways.

Deliveries done personally by us

If it’s out of Mumbai & your order is a tempo load, we do the deliveries with our own delivery people as the goods will be packed & loaded from our showroom/warehouse & unloaded & displayed by our own delivery boys. However the volume & the value of goods should be enough for us to do a personal delivery.

Deliveries by packers & movers

The other suitable option would be to send the goods via reliable packers & movers as they know the right way to pack the goods & how to handle them. They will also unload & display the goods at your residence in the right manner & handle them correctly. While this option may be a little more expensive, it is the second best option to us handling the goods personally.

Deliveries by Transport

If the product is not delicate & is either rectangular or square shaped, the goods will have to be packed very well & can be sent via transport. While it’s the cheapest option, it does come at a slight risk of them not handling the goods very well. It also involves you going to the transport company & picking up the goods.

Deliveries by Courier

Considering they are the most expensive option & not always the right people to handle furniture, we would always suggest them as the last option, depending upon the goods & your comfort level.

As furniture is a product to be handled with care, its delivery procedure becomes extremely important, which is why we have mentioned all the possible ways. Depending upon your volume of furniture & location of delivery we can work out an option that is most appropriate.

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  1. Fabrina MAUGEE says:

    I would like to order the WT 4 Teakwood Temple For Home.
    What is the price in Euros? Do you deliver products in France?
    Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Best regards,

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